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Café Liégeois: Official Event Partner of the 1st Edition of Expo Entrepreneurs

Café Liégeois Canada, a company that is built on the values of entrepreneurial spirit, was proud to have attended the very first edition of Expo Entrepreneurs, an event whose goal was to bring together entrepreneurs from around the province.



Inspire, connect, solve. These three powerful words were the recurring themes of this first edition that was held at Place Bonaventure in the heart of Montreal. The goal of this two-day event was to strengthen Quebec’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by bringing together its main players under the same roof. Over 6,000 people from Québec’s entrepreneurial community were in attendance for the 160 conferences, labs and ateliers.

For the occasion, Café Liégeois Canada offered their event services by offering delicious espressos and americanos to all participants, speakers, volunteers and other partners. Over 2,000 coffees were freshly prepared and served in just two days!

The Expo was rich in meetings, conversations and its overall experience. We are very much looking forward to the 2019 edition.

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Café Liégeois at QI Connexion (Ericsson special edition)

In co-operation with Montréal intelligente et numérique (intelligent and digital), the Quartier de l’Innovation will present its QI Connexion (Ericsson special edition) event this upcoming November 29th.

Presented by Deloitte and BCF, chosen businesses will have the opportunity to present their innovative solutions in front of the Ericsson executive committee and an audience of connoisseurs in order to solve the challenges of the smart (Montréal) city.

QI Connexion with Ericsson

A caffeinated morning with Café Liégeois

In the morning, the chosen businesses will have the opportunity to present their solutions in front of the public, as well as the executive committee of Ericsson. The businesses and guests will also have the chance to obtain the necessary boost for the day by the sides of Café Liégeois. Filter coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte will be served all morning to assure an optimal experience, in line with the innovative solutions proposed.

An afternoon of debates

During the afternoon, Ericsson will be giving a speech on the future of the smart city, followed by a panel of leading experts in this field. An opportunity for major players in Montréal to place the city at the forefront of the world.

Join us at the Cinéma Impérial de Montréal on Bleury Street for a free and open access event.

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Interview with Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts … In Newfoundland and Labrador!

A few weeks ago, we received a phone call from a new potential client who wished to try our products, in anticipation of the opening of a café.

It was a surprise for us when we discovered the location of the establishment: Dildo, in Newfoundland and Labrador! Café Liégeois would have never adventured themselves in this region. Our Frenchman on the team even had trouble locating this area on the map (confusing Terre-Neuve (Newfoundland in French) and Terrebonne … !). Today, the Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts is shipped every two weeks. And our Frenchman even knows how to locate Dildo on a map! This new partnership symbolises the expansion will of Café Liégeois, but also the joy that we have to collaborate with independent cafés around Canada.

To celebrate this new business relationship, we decided to do a small interview with Karine McDonald, owner of Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts.

Dildo Coffee Shop

Can you tell us a bit about your coffee and your city, Dildo?

The Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts, is located in the small town of Dildo in Newfoundland and Labrador. This small city has received more attention than any other small city or community in the world. The name of the city Dildo is of Aboriginal origin and means «calm waters». I really like this city! The creation of this small shop and gift boutique aims to provide an experience unusual to tourists and the people who inhabit this small community. It is also a daily meeting point and a travel experience to take a break and enjoy a good coffee.

Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts - Coffee

Why did you choose Café Liégeois for your coffee?

We choose to offer quality products to our clients. For this reason, we offer in exclusivity the Café Liegeois products. The Café Liegeois beans offer an incomparable freshness. The aroma and taste of Café Liégeois are unrivalled around the world compared to other coffees.

What is the experience that you wish to offer at Dildo Cove Coffee Shop? 

The experience that we wish to offer to our clients is to always remember this souvenir to have shared a coffee break at Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts. It is also the memory of a smell, an aroma and the exclusive taste of Café Liegeois. If you’re in the area visiting, do not hesitate to drop by; it will be our pleasure to serve you a delicious Café Liegeois in Dildo, Newfoundland and Labrador.

To learn more, you can visit the Facebook page of Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts.

Coffee and Shop Dildo

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Networking + Golf = A successful cocktail!

This past June 8th the 53rd edition of the Classique Estivale organized by APCM took place and was presented by OUTFRONT Média. The event was held at Golf des Îles Golf club in Boucherville where beautiful green fields fill the landscape. Café Liégeois, proud sponsor, was very happy to be able to take advantage of this wonderful day with professionals within the field of communications and marketing.

APCM guests

An exciting program

As part of this new summer classic, a golf tournament and a lawn bowling tournament were organized. Despite the rainy weather, all the guests had a lot of fun participating, while also enjoying good music and sangria! The rules of the game were explained before the launch of the competition. The Café Liégeois team: « Espresso », happily played and really appreciated discovering this new sport! It was nice to see everyone so entertained, especially while using the measuring tape!

Camille Dodd & Stevan Brodin

Jean-Nicholas Papillon and his two teammates easily won the lawn bowling tournament and had the chance to win a bottle of Pur Vodka, a bottle of Romeo Gin and an umbrella which turned out to be quite useful that day!

Team Pétanque Café Liégeois

Special Drinks

To start the summer season off on the right foot, Café Liégeois proposed to the guests not only traditional espresso, but also espresso subsidized with Kahluà, a coffee-based liqueur form Mexico. This delicious sweetened beverage knew how to warm up people during the cold temperatures, but also put a smile on the face of most participants.

We hope to meet you at one of our upcoming events in order for you to taste our delicious caffeinated cocktails!

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APCM Breakfast Strategies: Business case of Rona

In the context of the Superior Court of Quebec, who gave their final approval concerning the transaction with the American group Lowe’s, Claire Bara, marketing vice-president, intervened during the APCM Breakfast Strategies. Once again, we were present in the offices of Maison Notman to sponsor and assist the new edition of Breakfast Strategies.

APCM Breakfast Strategies with Rona

An electric and caffeinated atmosphere:

For a Friday morning, the ambiance was quite electric! The guests were savouring their morning coffee. Latte, espresso, short, long … everyone had his or her pallets pleased. Until the electric vibe abandoned the room (power outage), in which case the guests were disappointed.

The conference still auspiciously began, the ex-VP of the Archambault Group immediately expressed that he did not want any questions concerning the transaction with Lowe’s. Which seemed quite natural!

A high quality conference:

Claire Bara then made a point concerning the great achievements of the new era of marketing with Rona. She mentioned the importance to make the digital shift in a very competitive industry and in full movement. Questions concerning the differentiation of portfolio banners and the establishment of an efficient CRM strategy were accentuated during a detailed presentation on the progress made by Rona.

The least we can say concerning this event is that it was truly a success! Over 80 guests were present in a small conference room at Maison Notman. The applause was much longer than usual for a « show » of an hour and a half filled with specialists and direct competitors.

With the electricity now working, the guests and speakers earned a well-deserved final cup of coffee before heading to the office! We will anxiously wait once again for the next edition during the month of June for another Breakfast Strategies by APCM with the presence of Ubisoft and BleuBlancRouge.

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Café Liégeois by the sides of eCOMMTL for the 2016 edition

Café Liégeois is proud to announce that we will be the official service provider of coffee for the 2016 edition of the eCOMMTL show, this upcoming May 19th. Espressos and filtered coffee will be offered during the whole day, thanks to the four stations Café Liégeois has planned for this event. Over 800 people are expected during this exceptional day the Centre des sciences of Montréal, right in the heart of the Old Port. The team of Café Liégeois, supported by volunteers and members of the eCOMMTL team, will be pleased to have you savour our delicious coffee.

An innovative concept for 2016:

For more than 6 years, eCOMMTL brings annually over 500 participants together. This year, a major project frames the event: recreating the 1st commercial center in the heart of an event. As the team of eCOMMTL stated recently on the Internet:

« Each brand is hosting partners and they have been asked to work on the real problems. The day of the event, it wont be a “sales pitch” presented to you, but a demonstration of what these partners have in their mind » 

Eight big « brand» partners have engaged themselves with the teams of Stéphane Ricoul and of Jenyfer Maisonneuve. Among them, Best Buy, Desjardins, Espace, IGA, Ricardo, Sail, the SAQ and even Tristan

eCOM MTL partners "Enseigne"

eCOMMTL wants this event to be full of life, interactivity and different from the usual shows where one would normally meet people in the business world of Montreal. To stay true to it’s image and the eCOMMTL experience, Café Liégeois will surpass the expectations of the guests by bringing to them an exceptional service, which will satisfy amateurs, as well as coffee professionals.

To obtain more information and to stay up to date with electronic news, do not hesitate to visit their eCOMMTL website and read their eCOMMTL blog.  

eCOM MTL 2016

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The Great JCCM Entrepreneur meeting with Café Liégeois

The Bonsecours market in Montreal was the scene of one of the biggest entrepreneur meetings of the year. Organized by Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal (JCCM), the event brought together the lifeblood of the business world, as well as entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow. To say the least, the guest list was as long as impressive!

JCCM entrepreneur event

We are very proud to have been mandated by the JCCM and it’s president Gabriel Bran Lopez to take part in this event and serve the 350 guests present our coffee. We had the chance to test our new filtered coffee service for events, of course accompanied by our espresso station and our 11 kinds of Café Liégeois Nespresso® Compatible Capsules. The guests’ taste buds were therefore thrilled throughout the day by our caffeinated aromas. We also learned a lot thanks to the presence of guests like Michel Pauzé, Debbie Zakaib or even Pierre-Luc Desgagné. Their speeches were truly abundant in the sense of exchange, sharing and the transmission of useful knowledge for growing companies.

Camille Dodd - Café Liégeois

Coffee plantation - JCCM event

The influence of emerging businesses and experience of veteran entrepreneurs were also put forward in the afternoon, with four pitch sessions organized by the presence of the jury such as Gilbert Rozon, Martin-Luc Archambault and Miss Lise Watier.

The next Café Liégeois event will be the Networking Parade organized by with the presence of Danièle Henkel.

Hope to see you there in numbers!

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Second Edition of the Networking Show by

When we thing of networking, we imagine a 5-7, business lunches or even all types of conferences. Leave that idea behind, just for one night, the duration of a show.

Thinking of networking differently:

The Networking Show organized by, is simply another way of experiencing networking. The second edition of this innovative event and full of freshness will take place this upcoming April 28th at the Centre Phi. Over 300 entrepreneurs, business people, bloggers, influencers and enthusiasts of the fashion domain will reunite to encourage entrepreneurs and designers in Montreal

Défilé réseautage LORI.Biz

Café Liégeois on the spot:

After being partners of the conference « Work balance – personal life: Make it your business! » organised by LORI. Biz during the month of February, we are happy to accompany and participate in the feminine promotion by offering our espresso services during this event. This action answers our will for us to engage in the business community of Montreal and to support innovative and creative actions.

This year, renowned guests will be present to radiate creativity, like Sévrine Labelle, Grace Odumo, Debbie Zakaib, Camille Dg, or even the dragon from CBC Danièle Henkel.

Rendez-vous this Thursday April 28th and register right here:

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Creative coffee Morning with Brussels Invest & Export

This past April 14th, we participated as a partner during the morning with our friends at Brussels Invest & Export.

The activity regrouped around 20 creative Quebeckers (products designers, graphic designers, etc.) around two themes, which touched internationalization of a brand alongside it’s positioning. These guests were able to enjoy our espresso coffee during the day. Through our Nespresso® compatible capsules, a little touch of Belgium delighted their morning and meal.

Café Liégeois - Creative Morning

Julie Brunel, with a master’s degree in interior design at the prestigious school La Cambre in Brussels, accompanied the creative people in their reflections concerning the exportation project. She also teaches marketing in design schools, while accompanying the creative industries in their development.

Without belonging to the creative sector, we had the chance with Café Liégeois to listen to our reflections in terms of creativity and innovation in terms of image and presentation of our products during events.

A huge thanks to Brussels Invest & Export for its welcoming spirit and availability, allowing us to put forward Café Liégeois in the Belgium community.

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Café Liégeois tasting at WeWork Montréal!

For the first time, Café Liégeois was promoting towards the community of WeWork for a tasting of espresso coffee in private.

Since Marche 1st, WeWork Montreal allows autonomous workers and companies of all kind to rent workspaces in a central location of Montreal: Place Ville-Marie.

International community for Café Liégeois

WeWork at Place Ville Marie, is a crazy project to not only bring together 1 200 people from the business world to work and collaborate in well thought and designed space.

Therefore we were able to meet the business community in order to present our solutions and espresso coffee to the various present members. The partners to discover and to tie seemed unlimited in this movement that represents 23 cities, 45 000 members at a world scale, with an objective of 300 000 members by 2017.

WeWork MTL - Place Ville Marie

Great people drinking quality coffee, don’t you think?

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