Feedback on the Hop show of CQCD in Montreal

Hop ! The summit of retail business has just been completed for this new year full of debates, discussions, and meetings with the key actors of the industry.

During these two days at the show, speakers went one after the other and debated on the future of the sector and major keys, such as the client experience, the origin of products or even the values brought by a brand.

Sommet Hop - CQCD

Client experience at the heart of discussions:

The summit of retail business was the opportunity for Café Liégeois to refresh their clients and future partners the importance to develop a brand that carries it’s values and that is axed on an exceptional client experience.

As such, our sales and marketing manager had the opportunity to act as a speaker towards our partners at NSI solutions. She allowed us to witness the use of different Zoho tools, as well as their application towards our business clientele for a better client experience.

Responsible growth:

Being able to achieve a unique experience for the client, which passes through benefits and positive action on the community and environment. The ultimate goal for the industry is to turn towards a green economy, for a better redistribution and resource management.

In this case, the team of Café Liégeois is in constant reflection on how to reduce the company’s impact on the environment. Currently working on recyclable capsules, Café Liégeois is about to make a change towards solutions for better environmental management. The biodegradable pads will soon be available to the market, for the house or the office.

In the same manner, reflections are made in order to actuate levers of solidarity by participating more actively in the local life of OBNL. Our participation by the sides of Youth Fusion for the 2016 Robotic Festival marked the will to act further into the Montreal community.

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