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Café Liégeois and its meeting with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium

Belgian master roaster since 1955, Café Liégeois Canada took home this past November the 1st place prize for Belgium-Quebec business ties, having demonstrated an excellent performance this past year respectively in Belgium and/or in Québec. It’s after such an honour that during this month of March, Café Liégeois is happy to have met the King Philippe and the Queen Mathilde of Belgium this month in Ottawa and Montréal. The last official travel by a Belgian official took place 41 years ago, in 1977 by the King Baudouin.

This week began March 12th in Ottawa. Our two associates, Jean-Nicholas Papillon and Camille Dodd had the honour to be invited at the Gala Dinner in Rideau Hall. This event was the occasion to exchange with the King and Queen and to be able to meet with different guests.

March 15th in Montréal, inside the Mont-Royal Chalet, part of our team took place in the Royal cocktail. They were delighted during this evening as sharing and conviviality were the rendez-vous.

To end this royal week, a cheerful concert in honour of their Majesties took place at the Rialto Theater in Montréal. This last event was able to reinforce and celebrate once again the ties between both countries.

Café Liégeois Canada is very proud and honoured to have been able to participate in the historic visit of their Majesties in our country, symbolizing the Canadian-Belgian friendship.

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Café Liégeois to Be Present at Europe Day on May 9th, 2017

Café Liégeois is pleased to be attending the Europe Day celebration, which will take place on May 9th at the European Union Residence in Ottawa, Ontario. More commonly known as the Schuman Declaration, Europe Day is a symbolic date that marks the birth of the European Union. 

Why Europe Day?

It all began on May 9th, 1950, when French foreign minister Robert Schuman proposed an establishment of a European Coal and Steal Community (ECSC) between the French and the West Germans. This Community was the first of its kind in Europe, and has become a pivotal moment in the establishment of the European Union. Today, the founding members of this Community (France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxumbourg) make up the European Union.

To celebrate this day, European Union delegations around the world organize conferences, competitions, film festivals and other events.

A new collaboration

We are looking forward to offering our 100% compatible Nespresso® capsules and a selection of our European roasts to the 500 diplomats and business leaders that are expected to attend this celebration in Ottawa. Café Liégeois is proud to be a partner for this event alongside Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo and les Relations internationales et Francophonies du Québec.

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Creative coffee Morning with Brussels Invest & Export

This past April 14th, we participated as a partner during the morning with our friends at Brussels Invest & Export.

The activity regrouped around 20 creative Quebeckers (products designers, graphic designers, etc.) around two themes, which touched internationalization of a brand alongside it’s positioning. These guests were able to enjoy our espresso coffee during the day. Through our Nespresso® compatible capsules, a little touch of Belgium delighted their morning and meal.

Café Liégeois - Creative Morning

Julie Brunel, with a master’s degree in interior design at the prestigious school La Cambre in Brussels, accompanied the creative people in their reflections concerning the exportation project. She also teaches marketing in design schools, while accompanying the creative industries in their development.

Without belonging to the creative sector, we had the chance with Café Liégeois to listen to our reflections in terms of creativity and innovation in terms of image and presentation of our products during events.

A huge thanks to Brussels Invest & Export for its welcoming spirit and availability, allowing us to put forward Café Liégeois in the Belgium community.

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Café Liégeois Canada visits Belgium

The two associates Camille Dodd and Jean-Nicholas Papillon visited the headquarter in Belgium, based in Battice, in the province of Liège.

Café Liégeois Canada & Belgium :

This business trip was the perfect opportunity to create new ties with Michel Liégeois, the current head of the company in Belgium. The North-American market associates therefore had the opportunity to visit the production factories and were able to note that the team at the headquarters is doing excellent work.

Coffee innovations in perspective:

The most recent innovations through of and worked on by Café Liégeois were presented by Camille Dodd and Jean-Nicholas Papillon. The two associates also had the opportunity to present to the Belgium directory, concerning your feelings and comments on the beans and the Nespresso® compatible products, in order for the headquarter to better adapt to your needs.

Visite Café Liégeois Belgique

About Café Liégeois :
Café Liégeois offers a wide range of Nespresso® compatibles capsules to customers keen on European products. Our premium coffees are currently being sold at the best possible value and the lowest price. Café Liégeois also offers services for offices in the entire Québec province.
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From Belgium to the heart of your cup: The path of Café Liégeois Coffees

An exceptional coffee:

Café Liégeois processes around 3.000 tones of coffee per year in Belgium. Stored in it’s factories, the beans from the four corners of the world are roasted and packaged for commercialization. The difficulty here is to obtain the most constant taste as the beans often come from diverse and varied backgrounds. Most of our coffees are the result of a mix of coffee beans, which carry distinct taste characteristics, which allows the product to be unique. Other subtle mixes are being studied in order to be commercialized soon, in order to propose a coffee card to connoisseurs, as we would for wine.

Sélection des grains Café Liégeois

The step following bean packaging and the roasting, consists of wrapping the coffee in packets, but also the production of 1.500.000 capsules of 7g/day, soft or hard, for espresso and percolator pump machines. It also packages the sugar, which accompanies the coffee (in pieces, sticks or small flat bags). A rotating printer allows the factory to run autonomously in terms of packaging.

Torréfaction des grains Café Liégeois

Your coffee towards Canada:

The various products are then shipped by boat towards Canada and arrive at the Port of Montreal. They are then brought by truck to our warehouse, before being delivered to you by us, or even at your offices. For the retail market, the products are distributed by ACEMA Importation Inc., partners of Café Liégeois since November 2015.

About Café Liégeois :
Café Liégeois offers a wide range of Nespresso® compatibles capsules to customers keen on European products. Our premium coffees are currently being sold at the best possible value and the lowest price. Café Liégeois also offers services for offices in the entire Québec province.
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