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Café Liégeois and its meeting with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium

Belgian master roaster since 1955, Café Liégeois Canada took home this past November the 1st place prize for Belgium-Quebec business ties, having demonstrated an excellent performance this past year respectively in Belgium and/or in Québec. It’s after such an honour that during this month of March, Café Liégeois is happy to have met the King Philippe and the Queen Mathilde of Belgium this month in Ottawa and Montréal. The last official travel by a Belgian official took place 41 years ago, in 1977 by the King Baudouin.

This week began March 12th in Ottawa. Our two associates, Jean-Nicholas Papillon and Camille Dodd had the honour to be invited at the Gala Dinner in Rideau Hall. This event was the occasion to exchange with the King and Queen and to be able to meet with different guests.

March 15th in Montréal, inside the Mont-Royal Chalet, part of our team took place in the Royal cocktail. They were delighted during this evening as sharing and conviviality were the rendez-vous.

To end this royal week, a cheerful concert in honour of their Majesties took place at the Rialto Theater in Montréal. This last event was able to reinforce and celebrate once again the ties between both countries.

Café Liégeois Canada is very proud and honoured to have been able to participate in the historic visit of their Majesties in our country, symbolizing the Canadian-Belgian friendship.

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The gourmet alliance between Café Liégeois and Jeff de Bruges

A Nespresso®* compatible capsule and a square of chocolate for 0.75$ ? It is now possible thanks to a new partnership between Café Liégeois and Jeff de Bruges !

Jeff de Bruges - Les Carrés

Café Liégeois + Jeff de Bruges Offers

With Café Liégeois, we have the objective to propose a gourmet touch and to combine new products with our coffee. It’s done with products such as Jeff de Bruges chocolates. We propose boxes (Fun, Gourmet and Passion) mixed with coffee and chocolate by putting together 30, 60 or 90 capsules with these famous chocolates. This gourmet alliance will be available on our e-commerce platform for an unlimited time.

Jeff de Bruges Quality

Café Liégeois and Jeff de Bruges have a similar positioning. Jeff de Bruges is the most French of Belgium chocolates and the most adorable premium chocolates. Jeff de Bruges allows chocolate and ice cream amateurs to savour the full extent of Belgian know-how and French inventiveness. The company promotes « accessible quality products, but superior to those offered in supermarkets ». Customers can create their own box in store, such as the one located at Place Montréal Trust, in the heart of downtown Montréal.  

This joint offer between Café Liégeois / Jeff de Bruges will continue after the Easter period, delighting gourmet amateurs. Click here to view the offert !


Café Liégeois Canada and its products have no affiliation with Nespresso®. Nespresso is the brand name of Nestlé Nespresso S.A., an operating unit of the Nestlé Group based in Lausanne (Switzerland).

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Café Liégeois at CreativeMornings this March 24th #CMtaboo

Creative Mornings - Café Liégeois

We are very happy to announce the presence of Café Liégeois this March 24th at the Never Apart center for a conference organized by CreativeMornings in Montréal. The conferences will have as a theme the journey of Chris Bergeron, one of the only creative directors to have managed on one hand advertising teams and on the other the pressroom of a recognized media, two completely different environments.

What is CreativeMornings?

CreativeMornings was founded a few years ago in New York and is now renown internationally in over 50 different cities.

It was launched on May of 2013 in Montreal, beginning with a team of 8 people whom shared the same passion: creativity. Formed around Louis-Félix Binette, this team has adopted this concept and organize free conferences on the last Friday of each month. Presenters and speakers are known for their creativity, journey and innovating projects.

As mentioned by one of the coordinators a few years ago in the Métro newspaper: « We are presenting speakers that are out of the ordinary and powerfully rising to expose assistance to certain details which we wouldn’t have seen differently».

Collaboration with our partner CreativeMornings:

Over 250 guests are expected by the coordinators and partners such as VOIR magazine, digital marketing agency Minimal and Lickstats will be present. The experience counts for a lot and that’s why everything is implemented - breakfast, coffee, ambiance, surprises – to properly begin the weekend.

We will be happy to offer the guests with a grain selection by Café Liégeois issued from South America.

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New partnership between Café Liégeois and Laiterie Chagnon for 2017

We are very happy to announce our new partnership with Laiterie Chagnon for the 2017 year during all of our corporate events.

Our clients and partners will have the opportunity to discover (or rediscover J) the products from Laiterie Chagnon, especially the « 3.8 » milk which allows them to standout within the market. The mix between the « 3.8 » and Café Liégeois products will provide you with the perfect latte for your corporate events.

A passion for milk since 1954

Created in 1954 by Jacques Chagnon, the Laiterie Chagnon is one of the last existing independent dairies in Quebec. Since the beginning, Laiterie Chagnon has done business with local farms and has always known how to conserve family values established within the region of Haute Yamaska. For over 60 years, the Chagnon trucks are always on the road in the Cantons-de-l’Est, where fresh milk is retrieved and then distributed.

The Laiterie Chagnon uses a traditional process of milk pasteurisation. Compared to filtration and ultrafiltration, this process aims to preserve the biggest possible quantity of bacteria and microorganisms, living and healthy, contained within the natural milk allowing you to consume the integrity of their benefits.

The perfection of the Café Liégeois Latte at your business events

For over a year, the Café Liégeois team have gone across Montréal and Québec seeking to meet business communities. We offer a turnkey service to our partners and clients to accompany them during the realization of their events. Machines, all the way to accessories, we offer an excellent service with our grains, ESE pods and Nespresso® compatible capsules.

Service événementiel - Café Liégeois

This partnership with Laiterie Chagnon will allow us to propose you with lattes of superior quality, promote the family values of both companies and to put forward local products from Québec.

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Caffeine alliance with Factry (Science of Creativity School)

In November and December took place the first formations delivered by the Creativity School, La Factry. Creativity says coffee! There was no one better than Café Liégeois to maintain humour, creativity and joy of life at its highest for the guests. After the project launch a few months ago during the 2016 edition of C2MTL, we wanted to return on the foundation and actors of the Factry, our new partners and clients.

Une nouvelle école des sciences de la créativité - Factry

Source :

Collaborative project and leadership objective:

The major goal of Factry is to forge the minds to find creative solutions to contemporary challenges. Imagined by Philippe Meunier a few years ago, the idea took form with the participation of Marie Amiot, president and chief-executive officer, and Hélène Godin, head of creation. Numerous collaborations allowed the implementation of the project, such as the Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C) and Collège Sainte-Anne. In the past year and a half, many associations and professional orders have also joined the project.

For students and professionals

Factry wishes to offer a trans disciplinary and innovative approach on an international-level campus allowing interaction between different worlds (transnational, different business world, etc.) For that, they offer continuing education programs for professionals. It’s here that Café Liégeois intervenes with a leading coffee service throughout the training days. Between the coffee odours, the courses take form through creative formation workshops, aiming to resolve collective or business issues.


The third and final formation of the first work cycle will take place during the beginning of the next school semester in January. Once again, Café Liégeois will be present as a proud partner and service provider.

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Événement de dévoilement au Domaine Nymark de St-Sauveur

Au coeur des Laurentides, à quelques pas des pistes du Mont St-Sauveur, le Domaine Nymark dévoilera une nouvelle phase de son développement le 4 novembre prochain dans une soirée spéciale en présence de l'Équipe Café Liégeois. De nouveaux condos seront dévoilés et disponibles à la vente dès le 5 novembre.

La présence de notre équipe et d'une station dégustation symbolise le soutien que nous apportons au Domaine Nymark, client Café Liégeois de longue date.

Des condos de prestige

Le Domaine Nymark regroupera 40 condos haut de gamme dans un environnement discret et sophistiquée. Il propose un accès exclusif aux résidents à une habitation luxueuse, que ce soit à travers le style, le savoir-faire ou le choix des matériaux utilisés. Durant les quatre saisons de l'année, les propriétaires auront l'occasion de découvrir le charme de St-Sauveur, de dévaler les pentes, de parcourir les plus beaux sentiers de la région ou encore de découvrir la gastronomie locale.

Des services bien-être et un service café

Aucun aspect n'est laissé au hasard. Une aire de loisirs avec spas, piscine et sauna vont être aménagés dans les prochains mois. Chacun des condos sera équipé d'une machine Nespresso® et des produits Café Liégeois pour agrémenter vos petits-déjeuners et le reste de votre journée. Une belle combinaison permettant de supporter la chaleur de l'été et la fraicheur de l'hiver.

Pour plus d'information sur l'événement de dévoilement, rendez-vous sur le site du Domaine Nymark pour procéder à l'inscription.

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The madness of creativity (and of coffee) in a church from the 19th century

After at least a century, the church of St-Joseph (built in 1861) has served as a gathering point for the surrounding local community. People reunite themselves throughout numerous hours during the week to share common values, whatever their socio-economic situation, sex or age may be. Today, the Salon 1861 gives back these acclaimed letters in an emblematic neighbourhood. A place to connect, create, exchange and collaborate with great Café Liégeois coffee!

Salon 1861

The rebirth of a church with Salon 1861

Under the leadership of Gestion Immobilière Quo Vadis, this magnificent building gathers today entrepreneurs, business leaders, cultural groups, community organizations and local residents. Working side by side in a co-working space, they all share the entrepreneur madness and the desire of building a sustainable society, inclusive, productive and happy!

Salon 1861 in the era of time: B-Corp Labeling.

With respect to these values, the Salon 1861 and Quo Vadis real estate management are part of the first businesses in Québec to be awarded with the B-Corp Label. The certification can be compared with the fair trade market for coffee or even the organic USDA certification for milk. It guaranties good business practices through the government, employee relationship, community relationships or even the impact on the environment. By following these precepts, the Salon 1861 perpetuates sustainable development values, respect towards humans and the environment.

Café Liégeois, the heart of this community movement

These values are also shared through the members of Café Liégeois Canada. We are pleased to have offered a magnificent machine to the residents of the Salon 1861 who will have the opportunity to taste our coffee beans. In all of these sheltered events hosted by Salon 1861, for example in the new Lab Innovation, you will find the small Café Liégeois touch. Through our coffee, we are eager to be part of this little bit of history by the sides of Quo Vadis’ real estate management team.


For more information about Salon 1861 and its history: About Salon 1861

More information on Lab Innovation: Press Release


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Interview with Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts … In Newfoundland and Labrador!

A few weeks ago, we received a phone call from a new potential client who wished to try our products, in anticipation of the opening of a café.

It was a surprise for us when we discovered the location of the establishment: Dildo, in Newfoundland and Labrador! Café Liégeois would have never adventured themselves in this region. Our Frenchman on the team even had trouble locating this area on the map (confusing Terre-Neuve (Newfoundland in French) and Terrebonne … !). Today, the Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts is shipped every two weeks. And our Frenchman even knows how to locate Dildo on a map! This new partnership symbolises the expansion will of Café Liégeois, but also the joy that we have to collaborate with independent cafés around Canada.

To celebrate this new business relationship, we decided to do a small interview with Karine McDonald, owner of Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts.

Dildo Coffee Shop

Can you tell us a bit about your coffee and your city, Dildo?

The Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts, is located in the small town of Dildo in Newfoundland and Labrador. This small city has received more attention than any other small city or community in the world. The name of the city Dildo is of Aboriginal origin and means «calm waters». I really like this city! The creation of this small shop and gift boutique aims to provide an experience unusual to tourists and the people who inhabit this small community. It is also a daily meeting point and a travel experience to take a break and enjoy a good coffee.

Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts - Coffee

Why did you choose Café Liégeois for your coffee?

We choose to offer quality products to our clients. For this reason, we offer in exclusivity the Café Liegeois products. The Café Liegeois beans offer an incomparable freshness. The aroma and taste of Café Liégeois are unrivalled around the world compared to other coffees.

What is the experience that you wish to offer at Dildo Cove Coffee Shop? 

The experience that we wish to offer to our clients is to always remember this souvenir to have shared a coffee break at Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts. It is also the memory of a smell, an aroma and the exclusive taste of Café Liegeois. If you’re in the area visiting, do not hesitate to drop by; it will be our pleasure to serve you a delicious Café Liegeois in Dildo, Newfoundland and Labrador.

To learn more, you can visit the Facebook page of Dildo Cove Coffee & Krafts.

Coffee and Shop Dildo

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Café Liégeois proud actor in the Quebec Summer Games of Montréal 2016

At two weeks from the start of the 51st Quebec Summer Games Finals of Montréal (July 17-25 2016), we are pleased to announce our participation in this major event during the month of July. The Café Liégeois products will be available to savour and purchase during the week of competition, and a sponsorship worth 5500$ will be offered to the teams of the Quebec Summer Games.

A major presence for Café Liégeois

The Café Liégeois team will be present at two distinct locations, one at Esplanade Sun Life at the Olympic Stadium and the other at the Claude-Robillard sports complex. The 2016 edition will be the first final of the Quebec Summer Games, which will have a location management rather than a centralized location comparable to the same model as the Pan Am Games and Olympic Games. Over 135 000 people are expected throughout all the sites. The spectators will have the chance to discover espressos, americanos and iced coffees during the weeklong competition.

5500$ sponsorship for the volunteer teams

On top of offering our products to the spectators, Café Liégeois is particularly proud to sponsor the volunteer teams of the Quebec Summer Games. The multi-sport event will bring together over 3000 volunteers, 3700 athletes from 19 regions around Québec alongside 400 officials governing 20 sports. All of the volunteers will benefit from our products during each of their early morning wakeups.

The future of Quebec sports in Montréal

The Quebec Summer Games final is the peak of sporting achievements for Quebec youth. It regroups the best minor athletes from all regions of Québec. The Finals take place in the winter every uneven year and every even year for the summer. The competition has directly touched over 3 million people since the creation of the games in 1970, throughout the Province. It’s a crucial step in the path of an athlete towards the summit of his or her sport. This also allows the youth of Quebec to stay active and motivate them, presenting the sport as a healthy lifestyle, synonym of pleasure!

Olympic Stadium - Montréal

Credit :

We’re awaiting you in great numbers to discover the Café Liégeois surprises and to experience our unique coffee stations.

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Silver Star Mercedes-Benz launch with Café Liégeois

This past March 30th , Mercedes-Benz Canada announced the acquisition of the Silver Star Mercedes-Benz franchise of Montréal by M. Norman Hébert and the automotive consortium Groupe Park Avenue. Silver Star Mercedes-Benz is a renowned car dealer and is firmly established in Montreal. To celebrate the official opening of the concession under it’s new banner, Groupe Park Avenue partnered with Café Liégeois to delight and offer a colourful coffee service for the Group’s clientele.

Silver Star Mercedes Benz Montréal

Launch and discovery of new Mercedes-Benz models

The guests will have the opportunity to experience an exceptional evening marked by surprises every half-hour this upcoming June 21st. The people present during this event will also have the chance to discover the three new exclusive Mercedes Benz models: the C Class, S Class cabriolet as well as the E Class.

Café Liégeois will be present and will propose its entire range of caffeinated products alongside alcoholised cocktails prepared by our team of specialists. The famous Spark Plug and Café Baileys will once again be present after being part of the success of Café Liégeois at Hôtel W of Montréal.

The presence of our team confirms our will to go further in the department of events with a business clientele in search of a service and a premium coffee.

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