Creative coffee Morning with Brussels Invest & Export

This past April 14th, we participated as a partner during the morning with our friends at Brussels Invest & Export.

The activity regrouped around 20 creative Quebeckers (products designers, graphic designers, etc.) around two themes, which touched internationalization of a brand alongside it’s positioning. These guests were able to enjoy our espresso coffee during the day. Through our Nespresso® compatible capsules, a little touch of Belgium delighted their morning and meal.

Café Liégeois - Creative Morning

Julie Brunel, with a master’s degree in interior design at the prestigious school La Cambre in Brussels, accompanied the creative people in their reflections concerning the exportation project. She also teaches marketing in design schools, while accompanying the creative industries in their development.

Without belonging to the creative sector, we had the chance with Café Liégeois to listen to our reflections in terms of creativity and innovation in terms of image and presentation of our products during events.

A huge thanks to Brussels Invest & Export for its welcoming spirit and availability, allowing us to put forward Café Liégeois in the Belgium community.


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