From Belgium to the heart of your cup: The path of Café Liégeois Coffees

An exceptional coffee:

Café Liégeois processes around 3.000 tones of coffee per year in Belgium. Stored in it’s factories, the beans from the four corners of the world are roasted and packaged for commercialization. The difficulty here is to obtain the most constant taste as the beans often come from diverse and varied backgrounds. Most of our coffees are the result of a mix of coffee beans, which carry distinct taste characteristics, which allows the product to be unique. Other subtle mixes are being studied in order to be commercialized soon, in order to propose a coffee card to connoisseurs, as we would for wine.

Sélection des grains Café Liégeois

The step following bean packaging and the roasting, consists of wrapping the coffee in packets, but also the production of 1.500.000 capsules of 7g/day, soft or hard, for espresso and percolator pump machines. It also packages the sugar, which accompanies the coffee (in pieces, sticks or small flat bags). A rotating printer allows the factory to run autonomously in terms of packaging.

Torréfaction des grains Café Liégeois

Your coffee towards Canada:

The various products are then shipped by boat towards Canada and arrive at the Port of Montreal. They are then brought by truck to our warehouse, before being delivered to you by us, or even at your offices. For the retail market, the products are distributed by ACEMA Importation Inc., partners of Café Liégeois since November 2015.

About Café Liégeois :
Café Liégeois offers a wide range of Nespresso® compatibles capsules to customers keen on European products. Our premium coffees are currently being sold at the best possible value and the lowest price. Café Liégeois also offers services for offices in the entire Québec province.

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