Café Liégeois by the sides of eCOMMTL for the 2016 edition

Café Liégeois is proud to announce that we will be the official service provider of coffee for the 2016 edition of the eCOMMTL show, this upcoming May 19th. Espressos and filtered coffee will be offered during the whole day, thanks to the four stations Café Liégeois has planned for this event. Over 800 people are expected during this exceptional day the Centre des sciences of Montréal, right in the heart of the Old Port. The team of Café Liégeois, supported by volunteers and members of the eCOMMTL team, will be pleased to have you savour our delicious coffee.

An innovative concept for 2016:

For more than 6 years, eCOMMTL brings annually over 500 participants together. This year, a major project frames the event: recreating the 1st commercial center in the heart of an event. As the team of eCOMMTL stated recently on the Internet:

« Each brand is hosting partners and they have been asked to work on the real problems. The day of the event, it wont be a “sales pitch” presented to you, but a demonstration of what these partners have in their mind » 

Eight big « brand» partners have engaged themselves with the teams of Stéphane Ricoul and of Jenyfer Maisonneuve. Among them, Best Buy, Desjardins, Espace, IGA, Ricardo, Sail, the SAQ and even Tristan

eCOM MTL partners "Enseigne"

eCOMMTL wants this event to be full of life, interactivity and different from the usual shows where one would normally meet people in the business world of Montreal. To stay true to it’s image and the eCOMMTL experience, Café Liégeois will surpass the expectations of the guests by bringing to them an exceptional service, which will satisfy amateurs, as well as coffee professionals.

To obtain more information and to stay up to date with electronic news, do not hesitate to visit their eCOMMTL website and read their eCOMMTL blog.  

eCOM MTL 2016

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