APCM Breakfast Strategies: Business case of Rona

In the context of the Superior Court of Quebec, who gave their final approval concerning the transaction with the American group Lowe’s, Claire Bara, marketing vice-president, intervened during the APCM Breakfast Strategies. Once again, we were present in the offices of Maison Notman to sponsor and assist the new edition of Breakfast Strategies.

APCM Breakfast Strategies with Rona

An electric and caffeinated atmosphere:

For a Friday morning, the ambiance was quite electric! The guests were savouring their morning coffee. Latte, espresso, short, long … everyone had his or her pallets pleased. Until the electric vibe abandoned the room (power outage), in which case the guests were disappointed.

The conference still auspiciously began, the ex-VP of the Archambault Group immediately expressed that he did not want any questions concerning the transaction with Lowe’s. Which seemed quite natural!

A high quality conference:

Claire Bara then made a point concerning the great achievements of the new era of marketing with Rona. She mentioned the importance to make the digital shift in a very competitive industry and in full movement. Questions concerning the differentiation of portfolio banners and the establishment of an efficient CRM strategy were accentuated during a detailed presentation on the progress made by Rona.

The least we can say concerning this event is that it was truly a success! Over 80 guests were present in a small conference room at Maison Notman. The applause was much longer than usual for a « show » of an hour and a half filled with specialists and direct competitors.

With the electricity now working, the guests and speakers earned a well-deserved final cup of coffee before heading to the office! We will anxiously wait once again for the next edition during the month of June for another Breakfast Strategies by APCM with the presence of Ubisoft and BleuBlancRouge.

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