Halte 24-7 & Café Liégeois Partnership

Have you discovered those small bags at your private offices, or at your personal workspace?

If that isn’t the case, it’s because you aren’t a member of Halte 24-7 and that you haven’t had the opportunity to discover our new partnership "Alarm Clock" with this wonderful company!

Conscious of it’s products quality and the top service in taste and color, the Halte offers to it’s members Nespresso® compatible capsules and ground coffee as well from Café Liégeois.

What is Halte 24-7, the partner of Café Liégeois?

Halte 24-7’s main goal, the largest co-working center of Plateau Mont-Royal, is to create under the same roof, a dynamic business community where it’s members have a network, where business growth is honored. Concerning Café Liégeois’ Nespresso® compatible capsules, you can now purchase them at the reception. Thus will now be accompanied by delicious chocolates from Jeff de Bruges, a faithful partner of our company.

Halte 24-7 - Plateau Mont Royal

The presence of Jeff de Bruges:

For Europeans, the mere mention of the name Jeff de Bruges is enough to whet the mouth of chocolate fans… It will soon be the case for Quebeckers and the rest of Canada as well! You can now take advantage of this partnership and of our coffee in the offices of Halte 24-7. Similarly, you can discover the Jeff de Bruges chocolates in their own selling location, at Place Montreal Trust, in downtown Montreal.

About Café Liégeois :
Café Liégeois offers a wide range of Nespresso® compatibles capsules to customers keen on European products. Our premium coffees are currently being sold at the best possible value and the lowest price. Café Liégeois also offers services for offices in the entire Québec province.

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