Café Liégeois Client Portrait – QI Montréal

Through our publications, we also wish to put forward the faithful clients of Café Liégeois that we work with throughout the year.

The Café Liégeois Client: QI Montréal

The Innovation District of Montreal (QI) is part of that clientele that we enjoy serving on a monthly basis, in their offices, near the school École de Technologie Supérieur (ETS) in the heart of a booming district.

The QI can be described as “a creative platform, dynamic and dedicated to the needs of Montrealers, Quebeckers and Canadians innovators”. Amongst it, it has a modern ecosystem to meet the many challenges worldwide. It is also a very precise territory, “bounded by René-Lévesque Boulevard and the Lachine Canal, from north to south, and by the McGill street and Atwater Avenue, from east to west”.

For the QI, innovation not only rimes with technology. It is also a teaching that the QI brings to us, in which the main axes are articulated around industrial components, social, urban, cultural, and around training and research through partnerships with the academic institutions in the city (McGill, ETS, Concordia). Today, innovation is an equation made up of these components, which meets between them, make up an open ecosystem and promoting interconnection between citizens.

The QI team, directed by Damien Silès has expanded in these past months and aims on expertise, the youth and dynamism of it’s collaborators. Dozens of projects are in progress and the real estate investments are symbols of dynamism in this revolutionary district of Montreal.

We cannot thank them enough for their support towards the youth and Montreal entrepreneurship that we will try our best to represent with pride with Café Liégeois in North America.

To learn more about QI, click right here.

QI - Montréal

About Café Liégeois :
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