"Cafés du Monde": The Canadian Armed Forces and Café Liégeois

Through “Cafés du Monde” organized by Connexion Internationale de Montréal, Café Liégeois was present at the QI Montreal as a coffee sponsor for the presentation, which was delivered by Lieutenant-Colonel Simon Comtois of the Canadian Armed Forces. The guests were able to savor the new Café Liégeois products, currently available on our website.

Cafés du Monde - Forces armées canadiennes

The Lieutenant-Colonel Simon Comtois, officer for aerial logistics of DART, for the Renaissance Operation, presented the mission in Nepal by the Canadian Armed Forces. He explained at length the decision making process of the Government of Canada, through the challenges and the stakes of such an operation. The humanitarian operations devotees were thrilled to learn the workings of the system, around a good espresso.

As he had mentionned to the newspaper La Presse : « We were expecting to see a completely devastated country, but Kathmandu wasn’t as impacted as we thought. It is only later that we witnessed the disaster. » Expanding on the matter, the Lieutenant-Colonel Simon Comtois brought up the thematic of international collaboration in these types of delicate interventions abroad.

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