Finally! The first Neoshop implanted in North America saw daylight yesterday during the official inauguration pleasing many young companies in Quebec. It was also the ideal opportunity for Damien Silès (General Manager) and his team to launch their new digital platform!

Neoshop - Laval (France)

A concept from Laval … In France !

The concept of Neoshop boutiques don’t come from here, its from a small town called Laval in the West of France. The first Neoshop opened in 2013 thanks to an initiative from the economic development organization Laval Mayenne Technopole (LMT). As indicated the LMT website as well as Journal de Montréal, Neoshop «is a launching ramp to accompany young businesses during the marketing of their products phase». After setting up an ephemeral shop in Paris last year, the organization wished to export its model everywhere, now they’ve met Montréal. 

Developing the market for Quebec start-ups

Operated by our partners at Quartier de l’innovation, the Montréal’s shop goal is to support start-ups from Québec by allowing them to quickly test their product with consumers. Therefore, Café Liégeois will have all of their latest products available in this boutique, such as our bio-compostable capsules this upcoming February. All of the businesses present will benefit from this boutique, allowing them to improve their products (marketing, packaging, design, etc.). All products will also be available online on QI’s new digital platform.

It should be noted, however, that Neoshop should be moving into the old Dow Planetarium, which is under renovation.

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