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Café Liégeois

  • Coffee: a tool promoting discussion and well-being

    You greet your customer and offer them a coffee. A gesture that has become commonplace but that still holds so much importance. What is the impact, whether on the ground, from the salesperson to the customer, or in-house between work colleagues? Café Liegeois is unveiling the secret of and benefi... View Post
  • Café Liégeois reveals its sweet coffee recipe

    As promised, Café Liégeois reveals its fresh and sweet coffee recipe that you can enjoy this summer. Thus, we present to you the method of preparation of Panna Cotta with fresh cream and coffee jelly. Rather simple and fast, these small glasses will satisfy your coffee needs differently. Thank yo... View Post
  • Capsules compatibles Nespresso® du Kivu : L'histoire d'un café d'exception

    Voyage au cœur de l’Afrique : Ce voyage vers les racines de notre Kivu va nous mener vers la République Démocratique du Congo, deuxième pays le plus vaste d'Afrique. Aux frontières du Rwanda et du Burundi, la région du Kivu souhaite désormais prendre son avenir en main après les nombreux massacre... View Post