Ground Coffee and Its Unique Uses

In our range of products, Café Liégeois offers an extensive selection of coffee beans. Did you know that once grounded, brewed and consumed, your leftover coffee grounds could be re-used for other purposes? Here are 5 quick and easy ways to use coffee grounds at home! You will be surprised 



Restore your garden

Among its virtues, coffee has the power to restore your wooden furniture when used as a polish to clean and eliminate marks. Nothing complicated, just mix hot water, vinegar and coffee grounds and let rest one hour. Afterwards, gently apply and rub the scratches off your furniture.

The Ital’bar, The Tradition even the Della Notte Espresso Decaf could be perfect for this trick.

Create scented candles

Create coffee-scented homemade candles with our selection of fruity and FairTrade Organic Kivu et Chiapas beans. It will fill your room with a cozy atmosphere thanks to the smell of morning coffee. All you’ll need are coffee grounds, candle wicks, candle wax, a cup and skewers.

Reuse coffee in plant fertilizer

Natural coffee is good for your plants as it can play the same role as fertilizer: it is full of nutrients which promotes soil fertility. Next time you get out to garden, mix some coffee grounds in your fertilizer at the foot of plants, it can even keep insects away.

Eliminate dark circles

Do you have some lack of sleep and dark circles in the morning ? Use coffee to wake up in more ways than one! In a homemade or store-bought serum applied under your eyes, coffee will become your best ally against tiredness.

Add to your dry shampoo

Here is a quick homemade recipe to make your own dry shampoo (suitable for dark hair only). Take two spoons of coffee grounds, essential oil, corn flour, rice and water and mix all together. Like all other dry shampoos, apply to the hairline, shake and brush out of the hair.

For this beauty trick, we recommend our Magnifico coffee beans. Perfect for your homemade recipes thanks to its darker roasting!

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