The most Italian Colombian coffee

Designed and roasted the Italian way, the Magnifico is a full-bodied south-American mix, mostly from Colombia; its smoked, spicy and slightly acidic notes characterize it. Our genuine Italian espresso coffee is available for Nespresso® OriginalLine machines. 100% coffee compatible.

Colombia, producing land since 1875!

This Arabica and Robusta mix mostly comes from one of the biggest coffee producing countries: Colombia. This country is comprised with 15% of the world’s production. Its culture began in the province of Santander in 1875.

The country experienced difficulties and numerous civil wars occurred, thus slowing the production of coffee until 1900. It’s not until 2014 that Colombians proudly announced their world coffee production ranking, coming in 3rd, right behind Brazil and Vietnam.

Colombian Coffee - Café Liégeois

An Arabica land:

They are the 2nd largest world producer of Arabica coffee, with an annual production of 13 million bags of 60kg, far ahead of countries such as Indonesia.

Colombia mostly produces Arabica coffee; their plantations are located in the occidental and central part of Colombia in the Andes. Producers of this country harvest the coffee by hand, which allows a guarantee in the quality of grains, while offering a rich, round and balanced aroma.

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