New in 2016: The Sublime Moka Intense for an explosion of strength !

In one word: Sublime. Doted with a generous body for gentle, prolonged and intense flavors from Guatemala.

A Sublime coffee from Guatemala :

Between mountain and tropical forest, sun and rain, Guatemala is suitable for coffee cultivation. According to the regions, the grains reveal their fruit fragrance, wild flowers or even honey, which produces a naturally round and gourmand coffee.

The Sublime Moka Intense is therefore the most powerful coffee and brought to you by the Café Liégeois collection available in Canada. On the format "Lungo" it competes and dethrones with our "Puissant". You’ll obtain a longer coffee while retaining a nice crema of superior quality from Europe in your first hours of the day.

Thanks to the research done by Café Liégeois Belgium, this coffee is made to deploy it’s optimum flavors for a cup of 110ml.

Moka Sublime Intense - Café Liégeois

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