The Highwaymen exhibition with the USA Consulate and Café Liégeois

After celebrating in Ottawa, the works of Highwaymen were honoured at the Art Center of Montréal, in the Griffintown district, with the presence of the United States ambassador in Canada and the United States Consulate in Montréal. Café Liégeois was present on site to allow the guests to savour a variety of our eleven Nespresso® compatible capsules and allow them to fully appreciate the opening of the exhibition.

Liberation through art:

During the celebration of black history month this past February, the US Embassy in Ottawa sponsored the exhibition of over 35 paintings from the Florida Highwaymen group, owned by Tony Hayton. This exhibition puts forth the works of 26 Afro-American artists having lived in the 50’s, during the segregation period in Florida. The Florida Highwaymen therefore represent a true liberation movement through the use of art, paint and the scenery of Florida in order to be heard.

The Florida Highwaymen

The art of Café Liégeois :

The Consulate General of the United States presents this collection at the Art Center of Montréal, in the presence of the Montréal business community and the American community of the region. During the beginning, the guests were able to savour and discover a few of our caffeinated products from South America, Africa and even South-East Asia. Even though we are far away from these artists, we are able to say that our coffee respects the art in this domain.

This first event marks the beginning of a relationship with the Consulate General of the United States in Montreal, in which we will have the opportunity to collaborate on various events during the year.

The Florida Highwaymen exhibition will take place from May 6th to May 25th 2016, at the Art Center of Montréal in the Innovation district of Montréal. Go ahead, it’s worth it!

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