"Les cafés du monde" with Henri-Paul Normandin - CIMtl

A coffee and a city at the heart of diplomacy:

The international questions and the radiance of Montreal were at the heart of this edition of world coffee organized by " International Connection of Montreal " (CIMtl) in collaboration with QI Montreal and Café Liégeois. The guests had the chance to savor a delicious compatible espresso with the Nespresso® machine, while enjoying the guests words, Henri-Paul Normandin. The old Ambassador of Canada in the Republic of Haiti or even the UN discussed with a group of twelve people on the future of international relations and the City of Montreal. For the Canadian diplomat, the cities have their word to say on the international scale, whether it be at the level of planning, commerce or even the ecology.

Café du monde | Henri-Paul Normandin

A life experience:

We retain that living abroad, is also about developing important abilities and acquiring a life experience. For that, Henri-Paul Normandin suggested to the guests to open themselves and to live among local populations, all while learning the language to understand how things work in such a community.

Openness, listening and inspiration remain the catchwords of this evening of exchange around a good Café Liégeois coffee.

The next edition of world coffees will be announced shortly, although it is without a doubt that Café Liégeois will proudly represent the coffees of the world.

Café du monde - Café Liégeois

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