Café Liégeois Launches First 100% Biocompost Capsules in North America for Nespresso

Café Liégeois has announced the launch of the first 100% bio-compost coffee capsule compatible with the Nespresso®* OriginalLine® machines in North America. This certified innovation from Europe responds to the consumer concerns of the ecological and environmental impact of single serve coffee.

"Recycling is a known habit. But today, it is time to look towards composting to reduce the impact of our waste. There is a real demand in Canada and no solution on the market. To fill this gap, we have been working hard for over 18 months with our partner in Belgium to define the right doses and the right technology to provide a quality coffee compatible with Nespresso® machines, "said Camille Dodd, cofounder of Café Liégeois Canada.

“In 2016, 38% of Canadians owned a single-serve coffee machine. With the popularity of this type of coffee maker, it was very important for us to offer an ecofriendly alternative. In addition to the capsule, the packaging itself can be put in the compost. This approach is a true reflection focused on the sustainable development and the fight to minimize packaging. In fact, the Quebec government is aiming to ban organic waste from waste destined for landfills, "added Jean Nicholas Papillon, co-founder of Café Liégeois Canada.

Available 20 to 30% cheaper than Nespresso® capsules, these new compostable and Fairtrade Organic coffee capsules are available for sale online across Canada and the United States. Coffee lovers can also find these capsules in over a hundred stores in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.














*Café Liégeois is not endorsed, sponsored, licensed or approved by Nespresso® or any of its affiliates. Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé SA.

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