RJCCQ & Café Liégeois: The future of the sharing economy with good coffee

Another beautiful event organized by "Regroupement des Jeunes Chambres de Commerce du Québec" (RJCCQ) and their partners (Café Liégeois, Pur Vodka, Beavertix, Naya, etc.).

RJCCQ - Panéliste

Over 24 panelists and 350 participants converged at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf in Montreal to participate in the Forum économique de la relève d'affaires (FERA 2016) of RJCCQ on the thematic of « the government and sharing economy ».

During the second day, the participants were awoken by the numerous Café Liégeois distributed in the hallways of Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf. Over 150 coffees were prepared by our teams in thirty minutes, something to delight all the guests present during the weekend.

Once again, we had the opportunity to exchange some words with Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal, present there for an allocution on the future of the sharing economy.

Denis Coderre - RJCCQ

Following the debates (and the coffee break!), the RJCCQ called upon the government to organize a summit on the collaborative economy in Quebec.

About Café Liégeois :
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