Vodka, Cola,   and Café Liégeois with the Entrepreneurial Youth of HEC in Montreal

JET ends its year in the best of manners with a high level panel for an awaited conference by the passionate entrepreneurs of the world.

Since 2004, the JET committee – Entrepreneurial Youth accompanies HEC Montreal students on the road to entrepreneurship, by organizing events and key activities to better understand the issues of the sector. During the 2015-2016 year, Café Liégeois was partners of the association in order to awaken the student spirits all along the year, creating opportunities of tomorrow around a good Café Liégeois coffee.

« JET’S DRINK » Café Liégeois :

Activities and conferences occurred one after the other until the event of this past April 4th, at the Banque Nationale amphitheater: « JET’S DRINK ». Nicolas Duvernois (Pur Vodka), David Côté (Rise Kombucha) and Bastien Poulain (1642 Cola) shared their experiences in front of a hundred guests, who were from HEC Montreal in the most part. Before the event, the guests had the opportunity to savour our espresso compatible coffee’s with the Nespresso® machines. After the event, the products of the speakers were brought forward alongside a tasting provided by the association

We are very thankful and happy to have collaborated with JET during this university year, filled with bounces and caffeine that allowed the students to stay on track before final examinations.

JET'S DRINK - Entrepreneur

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