The X8's versatility will win you over: it masters the whole range of milk and milk foam coffee specialities, the whole range of black coffee specialities and the classic coffee pot.

In addition, it has different temperature settings for hot water, which tea lovers will appreciate.

Its sturdy, height-adjustable combination spout allows one or two coffee specialities to be prepared simultaneously in cups or glasses at the touch of a button.

The handy cup positioning aid makes it particularly suitable for self-service use, as do the large, clearly arranged preparation buttons.

The coffee specialities can be moved freely on the display to adapt exactly to the specific needs of each customer.

Whether it is equipped with the large standard water tank or the sturdy fresh water kit that can be retrofitted, the X8 is equally impressive whether it is used on the move or at a fixed location.

21 programmable specialties
Personalized tasting at the touch of a button thanks to the modern One-Touch function
Bean container and water tank can be locked to protect them from external influences
Locking function for product zones and programming
Avoids handling errors, especially during cleaning operations
6 large front keys for direct selection and 2 navigation keys.
Coffee enjoyment at the touch of a button.

  • $4,295.00