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Whether it’s a sports car, premium laptop, or the Comandante hand grinder, many premium products come out of the factory ready to rock and out-perform the competition. But sometimes you want to increase that performance so you can have an even greater advantage. You might put a turbo in your sports car or install more RAM and a SSD in your laptop. So how can you make one of the best hand grinders on the market even better: install a Red Clix.

The Red Clix axle and adjustment grind dial are engineered with a finer precision thread than the standard axle system. This will help you further dial in your espresso or fine-tune your championship Kalita Wave recipe. The standard Comandante system will change your grind 30 microns per click. The Red Clix system halves that number and will make adjustments of 15 microns per click - oh behave. So to find the grind setting for your favourite Guatemala coffee on V60 from the standard system, you just need to double it on the Red Clix.

The increased precision of the Red Clix does not affect grind quality or the stability and performance of the burrs. The grinding experience remains as smooth and as enjoyable as before. Now get grinding!


  • Made in Germany
  • Includes: Precision Threaded Axle, Spring, 2 Washers, Red Grind Dial and Silicon Wristband
  • Important: The Red Clix Axle and Dial Are Not to be Used in Combination with the Standard Axle or Dial. Doing so will Greatly Damage the Red Clix Axle and Dial

Grind Setting Guide

Standard (S), Red Clix (RC)

  • Espresso: 7 - 12 (S), 14 - 24 (RC)
  • AeroPress: 13 - 18 (S), 26 - 36 (RC)
  • Pour-Over: 19 - 24 (S), 38 - 48 (RC)
  • French Press: 25 - 30 (S), 50 - 60 (RC)

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