Gourmet variations of Café Liégeois: From Brazil to your cup

As you undoubtedly know, Café Liégeois offers compatible capsules for your Nespresso® machines. Discover our gourmet selection and enjoy our two big variations from Brazil: the Caramel Vanillé and Noisette Cacaoté.

Coffe - Vanilla & Cocoa

The Caramel Vanillé :

Two different mixes that form a perfect harmony between caramel and vanilla. Very pleasant taste, slightly sweet, it offers an exceptional flavour.

The Noisette Cacaoté :

A balanced mix, you will find notes of chocolate and hazelnut, roasted with love. These two variations are at the base made of coffee from Brazil with an intensity of 6. We then add an aromatic assembly of vanilla/caramel and hazelnut/chocolate. Truly appreciated at the end of a meal, perhaps accompanied with pastries and a small touch of milk.

Why aromatise coffee?

Café Liégeois has the desire to bring a touch of out of the ordinary to please our most gourmands coffee amateurs.  These two variations will remind you of the flavours of chocolate from the hazelnut or even vanilla.

The Coffee Giant: Brazil

These two options come from the same country: Brazil. It’s simply the worlds biggest and #1 coffee consumer in the world. The culture of coffee started in 1726, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that Brazil became the biggest producer and exporter in the world. With an approximate production of around 56 million 60 kg bags per year, its production is composed with 70% Arabica coffee, mostly coming from the south of the country where the climate is favourable for the development of growing coffee.

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