Fast food & coffee: a destructive mix !

Whereas fast food restaurants often offer coffee on their menus, the review Journal of Nutrition has published a study showing the negative impact of mixing coffee and fast food’s products overcharged with sugar.

The researchers of the University of Guelph in Ontario have demonstrated that the association of fast food and caffeine can lead to a notable rise of sugar in the blood. The level of sugar can increase and achieve a level almost as high as patient suffering from “pre-diabetes”. The fat from a fast food meal prevents the body from eliminating the sugar.

Would you like an advice? When facing the urge to eat some fast food, have some bread or wholegrain pasta. You can also enjoy five fruits and vegetables per day alongside with your coffee. Do not forget to eat products high in carbohydrates (such as rice, wheat, potatoes,…). Those small tricks will make you feel less guilty when eating, from time to time, in your favorite fast-food branch!

Fast food & Café
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