The first free BIXI Sunday with Café Liégeois !

Starting on May 29th, BIXI bikes will be free in Montreal every last Sunday of every month, for the 2016 season. Users will have the opportunity to rent a « one-way » bike for 30 minutes maximum each during their travels within Montreal.

At the end of every month will be the opportunity to celebrate this type of transport, which is growing in popularity year after year. As reported by TVA News, the 2015 BIXI season beat a lot of records: the number of occasional users increased by 91%, the number of memberships reached over 38 000 and the number of trips has reached 3,5 million, which is an increase of 9,4%. This initiative mostly gives the opportunity to the people of Montreal to discover the advantages of BIXI during the summer.

Numerous surprises are also planned during the whole day to make every free BIXI Sunday an unavoidable part of your summer in the streets of Montreal.

Dimanches BIXI gratuis

Café Liégeois and Rachelle-Béry at Lafontaine Park

The Lafontaine Park will be the main attraction of this first free BIXI Sunday of the season.

Café Liégeois will be the proud sponsor of this event, by the sides of Rachelle-Béry, which will allow the cyclists and anyone who passes by to savour these treats in the heart of Lafontaine Park during that morning. Alongside the BIXI team, they will be able to obtain their coffee from the Café Liégeois team and to discover the various caffeinated flavours during the day.

We are already looking forward to seeing you all this upcoming weekend and to gather around a good cup of coffee.

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