Mothers and businesswomen at CJE Bourassa-Sauvé!

Last week, we were present during the conference « Being a mother and businesswoman, is it possible? » organized by District A, in partnership with the CJE Bourassa-Sauvé and the Network of women in business in Québec.

It was the opportunity for us to see our clients and partners, the CJE Bourassa-Sauvé. We had the opportunity to have the guests and participants taste our succulent caffeinated products.

Event CJE and District A

A feminine touch at CJE Bourassa :

The conference reunited many renowned speakers such as Rita Lc de Santis, Khadija Elbouhali, Dorothy Alexandre, Mélissa Miron and even Danièle Ferland. All these women came to share their experience of the business world, linked with the question of children and education. Whether there be low or highs, happy or sad situations, all the subjects were generously touched by the speakers in front of over 100 people who were reunited in the District A co-working space. A natural bridge has been created between the District A and CJE Bourassa- Sauvé, both established in the same building on Saint-Vital Street in North Montreal.

During this event the North Montreal district was hyped, mostly thanks to Bouchra Klaoua, Executive Director of CJE Bourassa-Sauvé and of the District A space. This is also Miss Klaoua who got the idea to offer a coffee service at this location and to rehabilitate an old cash register to offer the opportunity to the youth to train with this type of machine. We’re certain that these initiatives are only the visible parts of a big number of projects and most importantly events that you can discover on their website CJE Bourassa-Sauvé.

It is a pleasure for us to see that coffee is more than a simple product, but also a vector of collaboration and solidarity for our partners.


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