La Marzocco - Pico Grinder


Color: Black
Sale price$1,395.00 CAD



The Pico blends simplicity, reliability, and exceptional shot-quality with every grind. Designed with impeccable attention detail, the Pico comes equipped with a noise-reducing brushless induction motor, precise dose selection, programmability, and unique features like the adjustable magnetic portafilter fork and auto-close hopper.  Compact and user-friendly, the Pico seamlessly integrates into any morning routine—the perfect companion for the home barista.

Quiet, precision grinding

Pico's high-quality brushless induction motor combined with innovative sound-dampening design keeps the morning routine quiet while delivering remarkable grind consistency.

Programmable portafilter actuation

Designed for ease of use, Pico's three-button programmable dose selection and on-demand actuation make dosing a breeze. Coupled with an adjustable magnetic portafilter fork, resting the portafilter securely while grinding has never been easier.

Easy grind adjustment

Effortless grind customization with Pico's stepped adjustment collar. A user-friendly design, complete with a distinctive "stepped" feel, lets you effortlessly switch between grind sizes on the fly. 

Fast and accurate

The Pico grinds a fluffy 18g dose in under 10 seconds, all thanks to its precision-engineered burr set. Accuracy and consistency shot after shot.


Technical specifications

Burr Type - Conical
Hopper Capacity (kg/lbs) - 0,3 / 0,66
Grind Adjustment - Stepped
Burr Diameter - 39 mm
Grinding Speed (rpm) - 700 - 800
Programmable Dose - 2 doses & manual grinding
Height (cm/in) - 39 / 15,35
Width (cm/in) - 15.4 / 6,06
Depth (cm/in) - 28.5 / 11,22
Weight (kg/lbs) - 7.8 / 17.2
Voltage - 110V Single Phase / 220V Single Phase
Wattage - 300 - 350

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