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A building site in reflection for coffee:

Coffee and it’s relationship with health. Good or bad? When we consult the Internet and it’s news, we can find anything and everything. Obviously, the pessimists see coffee as the last tool sent by dark forces to destroy humanity: insomnia, anguishing, impatient, headaches, and irritability… Everything is there! A study conducted by the European Agency for the security of products also has demonstrated that the consumption equivalent to four espressos per day could be harmful to the health of an individual.

Stop everything and put down your mug. Shop is closed!

Now, on a serious note, obviously, we need to go deeper to properly understand the studies brought forward. The French newspaper « le Nouvel Obs » underlines that in May of 2015 that other variables come into consideration before we can say that coffee is harmful for our health: « There are other setting to take into consideration, knowing the age, lifestyle, individuals food habits or even the consumption frequency ». The daily newspaper adds: « it is not because coffee can be harmful to a certain threshold that we must cease it’s consumption ».

The most recent coffee study: Harvard Chan School of Public Health

The most recent study to this day comes from the prestigious Harvard Chan School of Public Health. Finished at the end of November 2015, by the daily « La Presse », this study demonstrates that « people who drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day apparently have a lower risk of premature cardiac diseases, diabetes or Parkinsons disease and suicide rate ». The study was based on a sample of people that didn’t drink or barely drank coffee, compared a group of individuals who moderately drink, to upwards of 5 cups per day. 300 000 nurses and health professionals answered questionnaires on their own health and their life habits at regular intervals on a period of 30 years.

Without confirming irrefutable causal links, the researchers have apparently spotted a strong link in the traditional previous studies. The professor Frank Hu, co-author of the study, nutrition and epidemiology professor at Harvard, even goes to say that « a regular consumption of coffee can be included into balanced and healthy diet ».

Briefly, as confirmed by the study from « la Presse », you can consume coffee without fear. It is without a doubt that we will come back to this question, early or late, to supply a full reflection. While we wait, would you like a bit more coffee?

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