The Nuova Simonelli G60 SD is an automatic commercial coffee grinder. Its particularly compact design is a good choice for those who want professional-grade grind in a reasonably sized home device. It is equipped with 60mm grinding wheels and a very powerful motor that can deliver at least 50 servings per day without any problem. Its “on-demand” operation ensures that the grind is always fresh and dispensed in just a few seconds. Its digital timer allows very precise dose settings and its worm adjustment gives access to the full spectrum of grinds required. 


Professional coffee grinder
Burr: 60mm flat hardened steel
Basket capacity: 300g
Grind adjustment: Micrometric
Dosage: Digital Timer (2 adjustable doses)
Color: Black
Net weight: 11.5 Kg
Body: Painted Steel
Dimension: (W x H x D): 15.5 x 41 x 27 cm
Power supply: 110V 60Hz 220W

  • $1,150.00