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Note that this product is an open box. The product is brand new with the original manufacturor warranty of 2 years.

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obsidian black + bronze pearl


Countertop coffee machine With WiFi Conn@ct, high-quality milk container, and many specialty coffees. 
  • Creamy milk froth for a wide range of specialty coffees 
  • Perfect results and intense coffee flavor - AromaticSystem
  • Two coffees at once at the touch of a button – OneTouch for Two
  • Convenient cleaning programs for care and maintenance
  • Communication with the machine could not be easier –WIFIConn@ct


• Improved preparation of milk beverages and milk froth
A new 
double Venturi process with double steam enables double milk frothing. This results in the following
benefits to consumers:

  • +  Significantly improved milk froth quality, pores, and frothing yield

  • +  High milk froth temperature

  • +  Normally, milk is best frothed when cold. With the CM6 MilkPerfection, milk frothing succeeds irrespective of ambient temperature

  • Unproblematic resumption of milk delivery after interruption in flow of milk (e.g., emptying of TetraPak container)

  • Improved rinsing of milk lines

    The milk line on the CM6 MilkPerfection will be rinsed automatically. This eliminates the need for the customer to disconnect and refit the milk line, thereby significantly simplifying the rinsing and cleaning process.

    At the same time, the single milk
    hose will be replaced by a 
    milk hose
    . The first tube is the milk
    line from the milk container to the
    coffee machine. The second line
    returns the rinse water from the
    coffee maker back into the machine or the drip tray.

    Depending on model features, the rinse valve can be connected to the milk jug or, when using a milk carton, to a longer siphon.

  • Operation

    Operation of the CM6 MilkPerfection will be significantly improved and will offer customers in future greater flexibility in terms of the selection of individual parameters and in selecting beverage types.
    Navigation controls have been included in the array of sensor controls. This allows more beverages to be located on the fascia panel and to be called up directly using OneTouch technology.



Operation has been improved in the following respects:

Wide range of beverages

Compared with the current CM6, the range of beverages will be increased through the addition of, for instance, Espresso Macchiato, Flat White, Tea, etc. Individual beverages are available from the enclosed feature list.

Expert mode

It is possible to adjust the water volume and the amount of milk/froth on the
CM6 MilkPerfection to suit personal preferences.

This can be done using the navigation buttons on the array of sensor controls.


The new CM6 MilkPerfection adapts to the
needs of the user 
– and there is no need for any
complicated settings. The customer can
choose between four different modes on the display and preset the appliance to their individual requirements.



• WifiConn@ct connectivity and new software

Freedom at home!
...In keeping with this motto, Miele is developing networked household 
appliances and offering digital solutions that make customers’ lives easier

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