ÉQUILIBRÉ DESSERT EXQUIS Lungo 100% Arabica - Kivu (x20)

Lovers of light and sweet coffee will appreciate this pure Arabica from the region of Kivu in Congo; the Equilibré. Designed to offer both airy and delicate aromas, this quality coffee is a reference of creaminess.

On the border between Congo and Rwanda, the high plateaux bordering Lake Kivu are favourable to growing high-quality coffee. The altitude and the humid tropical climate, combined with the richness of the soil, give the beans a powerful taste, as well as beautiful persistence in the mouth.

Its strong point: it is calibrated for a comforting lungo.
What makes it unique: its exclusive softness sublimated by notes of hazelnut.

The Subtil is available with the Nespresso® OriginalLine. 100% Compatible Capsules.

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