PULY CAFF - Box of detergent cleaner 20 g

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Box of Puly Caff detergent.

The best option for your Lelit espresso machine cleaning

1 box contains 10 bags box (20 g)


  • Insert the blind filter in the filter holder and add 1 teaspoon (3-5 g) of PulyCaff. Insert filter holder into the group head
  • Start brew cycle for 10 seconds and stop 10 seconds. Repeat this operation for 5 times
  • Remove filter holder from group head. Start brew cycle and rinse filter holder with the boiling water from group head. Stop cycle
  • Insert filter holder into group head and repeat step 2 to rinse
  • Make and discard the first two espresso

Soak cleaning

  • Soak filters and filter holder for 15 minutes in 3 teaspoons (10 g) of Pulycaff per 1 L (about 32 oz) of hot water
  • Rinse all parts with potable wate

Keep away from children

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