Nuova Simonelli - Appia Life Compact "V" 2 GR

Color: Black
Sale price$8,125.00 CAD



Nuova Simonelli Appia Life, based on the time-tested Appia, is ideal for those wanting excellent performance and reliability, but now with a lower profile, improved features, and easier serviceability. And Appia Life delivers a 13% energy savings, and a 20% less environmental impact (based on an independent Life Cycle Assessment analysis).

Though still lower-priced, Appia Life has a new design, improved brew groups & shot control buttons.

The Semi Automatic Series are the lowest-priced models, yet very capable of delivering high-quality espresso. “Semi-automatic” means the barista is in complete control of the machine during the extraction process, both starting and ending the shot according to their trained eye, or by using a separate timer or scale. Semi-Automatics have no programming or EasyCream automatic steam wand options.

Suitable for: demanding professionals, smaller equipment budgets

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