Café Liégeois has selected coffee beans from only the finest sources for our gourmet espresso pods. Processed with the greatest of care by our master roaster, Grandes Origines invites you to enjoy our artisan roasted varieties.



SUMATRA (Indonesia):
Volcanic and complex, Indonesian soil gives Sumatra beans their rich and structured flavor. Once roasted to perfection, this espresso is dense but nuanced, marked by wood and sweet spice notes.

In Colombia, coffee is grown at high altitude, above 1200 meters. Ideal climatic conditions provide the beans with great richness, and with green plant and complex notes.

The birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia produces thoroughbred coffee beans. Grown at an altitude with a perfect harmony of shade and sunshine, they combine their very fruity aromas with a palette of spice and plant flavors. Nature at its purest.

Climatic and topographic diversity give our Decaf espresso pods an intense and unique aroma, with hints of spices and toasted cereal combined with an Amazonian base note.

Bolivia is a country of mountains and humid forests and astonishingbiodiversity. 8,000 small coffee producers live in the Yungas, a tropical region where the Andes meet the Amazon. Here, along the steep slopes, cultivation is vertical but in fertile soil, which gives very fruity and high quality coffees.

On the border between Congo and Rwanda, the high plateaux bordering Lake Kivu are favourable to growing high-quality coffee. The altitude and the humid tropical climate combined with the richness of the soil, give the beans a powerful taste, as well as beautiful persistence in the mouth.

Between mountains and tropical forests, sun and rain, Guatemala is conducive to coffee growing. Depending on the region, the beans reveal their fragrances of fruits, wild flowers or even honey, giving a naturally round and gourmand coffee.

Rich and complex, it reveals very fruity, exquisite aroma notes. Fair. The perfect blend of flavor and solidarity.