SUBTIL Soft & Satiny - Nespresso® Compatible Capsules (x50)



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Now available in boxes of 50 capsules, the Subtil, a roundness and balance coffee, will satisfy daily and occasional consumers of coffee. This Ethiopian Arabica will not fail to impress you through its delicacy, crafted by a fast and soft roasting.

The birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia produces thoroughbred and elegant beans. Grown at altitude with a perfect harmony of shade and sunshine, they combine their very fruity aromas with a palette of spice and plant flavours. Nature at its purest.

Its strong point: It has tasty fruity notes, typical of an Ethiopian coffee.
What makes it unique: Its velvety softness, ideal for any moment of the day.

The Subtil is available with the Nespresso® OriginalLine. 100% Compatible Capsules.

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