Looking for a last minute Christmas gift? 5 coffee machines to offer

You’re looking for a Christmas gift for your house or your friends at the office? For your girlfriend/boyfriend? You’re late and can’t think of anything? The solution? We’ve got it!

Think about a beautiful coffee machine :) Today, coffee machines have become real design objects in our environment. We have chosen the latest exclusivities to remember and avoid arriving empty-handed at your Christmas dinner. We have selected a range of machines and prices!

Coffee cup for perfects machines

Nespresso Pixie :

The Pixie is a safe bet when it comes to Nespresso® machines. Your coffee will be ready in a record 25seconds. A real technical feature for a machine that is small and so easy to use.

Price: 299.00$ with a mousseur (foamer)

The Pavoni Espresso Inn :

Coffee machine makers since 1905, the Pavoni is recognized worldwide for its espresso and cappuccino coffee machines. Made of stainless steel, the Pavoni Espresso Inn is ideal for the creamy coffee lover at home. It also includes an adapter for individual portions of coffee, you can foam your coffee easily thanks to the double whip system that is incorporated. You can purchase it directly from our friends at Faema.

Price: 475.00$

The Breville Creatista by Nespresso® :

The Creatista by Nespresso® will allow you to create Latte art of the best quality, at the office or at home. This machine is a result of a partnership between Nespresso® and advanced technology with Breville, in order to work with a better texture of milk. A must for capsulated coffee.

Price: 799$

A Saeco Moltio Focus :

The Moltio espresso machine is a true gem from Saeco designed to offer a customized taste experience. This automatic coffee machine with a racy design disposes of five milling levels, from the finest full-bodied espresso to the thickest for a light coffee. You can prepare one in a simple click, which corresponds perfectly with your mood.

Price: 999.00$

The Z6 by Jura :

For their first creation, Jura has totally revised and perfected the Ristretto and Espresso percolator process. The Z6 is truly approaching itself to a coffee worthy of the biggest cafés in Montreal. As mentioned by Jura, the innovative nozzle technology « allows it to prepare a thin and compact milk foam at a bewitching quality ». Simply put, it is the Ferrari of automatic coffee machines for home.

Price: 4695.00$

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