Update on the Networking fashion show with Café Liégeois

As we announced last week, female entrepreneurship and businesswomen in Quebec were reunited last Thursday for the Networking fashion show organized by LORI.biz. We were one of the service partners during this event, which was professionally led by the team of LORI.biz and our friend Arielle Beaudin. Café Liégeois espressos were offered throughout the evening, which allowed 150-200 individuals to have a look at various creations.

Coffee partnership with the creative world:

Personalities such as Danièle Henkel (Honorary President) or even Camille Dg (Event Moderator) put forward creative pieces by the Province at the Centre Phi located in Old Montreal. Catherine Feuillet (General Consul of France in Montreal) or even Debbie Zakaïb (Metropolitan group of Fashion) had the opportunity to present themselves to the guests. Through these personalities, the founders of certain companies such as Louve, Iccha, Nisse, Captve, Lococina or even the Mtl jewellery sparkled in front of an audience of connoisseurs, as well as uninitiated. Certain people were even able to win some pieces at the end of the evening, as well as a few Café Liégeois capsules for the lucky one’s!

Thanks to the media that was present, such as Huffington Post Québec, numerous pictures are now on the cover of the local media. Here are some of the best pictures taken during the evening by the photographer Jean-François Galipeau :

LORI Biz fashion show - Girls band

LORI Biz - Guests and volunteers

LORI Biz - Fashion show










Credit : Jean-François Galipeau

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